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Before going to the question why use a mortgage broker, it's better to understand some basics about a mortgage broker. A mortgage broker is a person who acts on behalf of people or group requiring a loan thus can be said as an intermediary who brokers mortgage loans. Nowadays with the increase in the competition of the mortgage market, the mortgage brokers are seen in vogue and their presence is more required and felt as well.

Thus we see in developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia and so on where the mortgage  market is a boom, these countries see a mortgage broker as the largest sellers of mortgage products for lenders. Now coming to the question, why use a mortgage broker? The answer is so obvious, a mortgage broker makes the process of selling the mortgage products, and they are sitting in the market where they have bank or direct lenders, individuals or group who look to go ahead with their business. Hence their role is everything right from identifying a customer for the lenders to fixing the deal the cracking one. Now what are the advantages of using a mortgage broker? To put them together, the followings are the three main benefits of using them. The first and foremost is you can save money by using a mortgage broker, they provide you a competitive mortgage rate wherein you save money for interest payments. Banks usually do not offer good deal it only comes after many negotiation, thus this part is eliminated while you use mortgage brokers.

Secondly, you can easily save time in researching and analyzing things for yourself, as mortgage brokers are well off in terms of knowing the world of mortgage market. They do all the negotiation, paper work and crack the best deal with you, thus eliminating lots of time spent in doing these things.

Lastly, banks do not offer mortgages to everyone, they have their fixed clients, who excel in income and credit. So if someone comes from slightly poor background with low income, banks do not entertain such people. So with mortgage broker you don't face such issues, they manage people with any background and provide you the best deal as you deserve.